Our Start

Meglio & Meglio began as a simple notion, a spark of an idea nurtured by a desire to create. We imagined garments communicating emotion and a love of colour through bold prints and tones. We decided early that Meglio & Meglio must be a high-quality, slow-fashion brand. Our brand is sassy, eclectic, romantic and daring. Our brand goal is simple: empower our client community and dare to be different.

How we Create

We built our supply chain to support our core values as a high-quality, accessible-luxury, sustainable, slow-fashion brand. Our logistics and supply chain are simple; we concept and design our clothes here in Canada. All prints and colour science happen here, too. We transfer our digital art and colours to Italy; designs are printed on fine Italian silks and then shipped to us by the roll. We cut and sew our products in Canada. We also manufacture some products entirely in Italy.

Our Plan

The plan is to make Meglio & Meglio a destination for exciting products and experiences. First and foremost, we are an apparel company, but we want to go beyond simply making and selling apparel. Our goal is to create a diverse community nurtured in ways that go beyond clothing and accessories. This bold plan will take time and effort, and we are up for that challenge! We hope you will join us on this journey!